Visual Challenge:

Create a two-page magazine spread about a molecular process

Client: Prof. Derek Ng

Software: Chimera, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator

Step 1: Ideation and Research

Upon reading David Goodsell's article about the Initiation Factor eIF4E, I felt inspired to learn more about trial anti-cancer drugs that target the translation initiation complex.

I read various molecular biology and biochemistry peer-reviewed journal articles about the translation initiation complex and look for the protein structures on the Protein Data Bank.

Step 2: Drafts and Iterations

After completing a rough draft, I would ask for feedback from my professor (the client) and my fellow classmates in the Biomedical Communications Program. Upon many rounds of iteration, I finalize on the composition, story and text for the page.

Step 3: Building Assets

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